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ckn46 04-02-2012 08:50 AM

PolyCruise 2.1, Baltic boat trip for poly people.
This will be our fourth PolyCruise, and we have a private facebook group for it, that you are welcome to join. (contact me chris@neitzert.com for details) But essentially this is a social cruise. We have no speakers, badges, T-shirts, or any agenda, other than meeting fellow polyamorous people and having a good time; on a boat.

How it works: This is a democratically driven cruise for Polyamorous people. As a group on facebook we choose the date and destinations, and then do a group bulk cabin purchase on either Viking or Silja lines and then we go. It is all rather democratic and egalitarian and not-for-profit.

The previous 2 cruises we started in Stockholm, sailed overnight to Helsinki and met up with many from the Helsinki and we spent the day socializing in Helsinki. In the afternoon we returned to the ship and sailed back to Stockholm with many of the Finish Poly People. In the evening we had a large group at the cruise buffet, and continued to party the night away in the various bars and night clubs on the boat. That next morning we arrived in Stockholm and had a "Fika" with the Finish and Swedish Polys before the Fins got in some sight seeing and returned to the ship for a trip back across the Baltic to Helsinki.

Many new friendships are made with each cruise, and quite a few paramours too!

Anyhow, if you are interested in joining please get in touch (chris@neitzert.com). We are choosing the date of the next cruise in our facebook group now, then we will choose the destination. Our group is about 100 large today, and growing every day

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