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Vintersorg 05-08-2009 09:45 PM

Might as well
Hey all, I'm Johann from the Pacific NW. I'm not really poly, but I've run into a rather odd situation with my fiancee (I made a thread about it in the "New to Polyamory" subforum). I'm a real prude when it comes to sexual fidelity, which is pretty weird since I'm loose in pretty much every other way.

Hmm, about me...I was born in good old Ljouwert in Fryslan (Netherlands), but my family moved to Washington when I was very young. I'm technically bi I suppose since I'm attracted to both sexes, but I found the perfect girl a few years ago and we're set to get hitched next year.

I'm a student at a certain major Eastern WA university, studying music and german, and my music has been a bit of an obsession. I play cello, fiddle, viola, guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, tin whistle, harmonica, banjo, nyckelharpa, dulcimer, mandola, and viol, but the only ones I'm really any good with are cello, bass, and mandolin. I just seem to collect instruments and try and learn them to varying degrees of success. I also fence, which is awesome and you should all do it.

To be quite honest, I'm not sure how much I'll be on here since I really joined to get some more experienced opinions on my situation, but you all seem like a nice bunch, so who knows?

AutumnalTone 05-09-2009 02:27 AM

Oh, hot damn, a Dutchman!

My wife always wanted to marry a Dutchman. She did, sort of, as my family immigrated from there. We're planning on learning to speak Dutch, too.

I almost finished a music major before deciding not to teach. I then switched my major and minor--which means I have more hours in my minor than my major. I'm a percussionist, with some little ability in brasswinds and woodwinds, and have played around with bass guitar and harp. I have a large herd of drums, a keyboard, acoustic-electric bass guitar, a wood flute, some recorders, and a harp.

Hang around long enough and I'll likely try to get you involved in some musical project.

vampiresscammy 05-15-2009 02:42 PM

Welcome :)

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