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Jjkd 03-27-2012 01:37 PM

28 male in nc looking for secondary g/f
Hi I'm active duty military living in c happily married. I'm not looking for someone for me and my wife but someone for me. My wife is currently dating already and I'm having a hard time finding woman into poly so I'm giving this a shot. I really want someone I can be close friends with sit down an have long talk about anything from religion to politics to how much time you save in your life if you fill up your car when the gas light comes on. I like sic-fi and fantasy books and movies. I enjoy a good game weather it be card board video or even drinking from time to time. I guess I'm what most would call a home body but I'm hoping to get into more outdoor activities this summer and having someone new to do it with would be great. I have a little girl who is almost 3 and is adorable. I like finding projects to around the house when I have the extra money to spend on them. Techno and comedy music are my favorites but like a little bit of everything from time to time. Anyways if your near by and want to know more and see a pic let me know I'm very much an open book and enjoy meeting new people.

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