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Jjkd 03-27-2012 05:21 AM

Hi all I'm Jordan and I'm very happily married and both me and my wife are poly. So far searching for new people to date comes a lot harder for me than her. It seems men are open to the idea than woman at least on normal dating sites. We have dated a couple once but it ended badly for many reason and they weren't on the same page as we were. We decided to start looking for ourselves after that and if we find an other couple great but we feel that just makes it that much harder to find a good mesh of people. My wife turned me on to the idea of poly and I was very much against it at first but since trying it out a little bit and reading up on it a lot it feels so normal to me now. I'm very excited at the idea of having a big family one day and hope it will happen. Either way I know my luck isn't the best so far but I've just started looking into local groups and I hope to soon be able to go to some of the meets but they are pretty far from me and hard to find a babysitter most days. I'm active duty military witch also adds some stress to the situation as the military doesn't really view poly as an ok way to live. I think the thing I have the hardest time with so far is feeling separated from my coworkers as I cant and shouldn't be talking about this with them when I really do like talking about it. Anyways that's my rant I'm happy to be here and hope to get to know some of you soon.

opalescent 04-04-2012 11:37 PM

Welcome! Yeah there are a few military folks here, as well as their partners. And if you search, you will find that married women generally have an easier time finding partners than their male spouses.

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