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9inchtongue 03-21-2012 02:06 PM

I would like to say "I am sorry" to nycindie.
the other day when I read your post that started out Solo Poly I tried to read between the lines. I thought you where asking for advice, asking what should I do. I am divorced, seeing two men Etc. I was wrong. For that I am sorry. I now realize you only wanted to keep things moving along, no matter how boring. I am sorry that I tried to give you advice,. I am also sorry that I did not read more of your post, and try to understand your sense of humor, or I would not have made the remark about a solo women being a women with two vibrators. I should have put a few ha ha behind it. I got a nasty email from the moderator, which I can live with. Again I am sorry that I offended you.

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