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Sugarbooger 03-17-2012 06:35 PM

Family rules
After starting the "Am I out of line?" thread, I was wondering about other poly families and what they have as rules when it comes to being ill and kids being ill. I'm pretty sure everything has been resolved, I just want to know what is reasonable and what isn't.

For example, kids being sick. Sometimes it isn't the level of sick that makes it daunting, it is just the fact that they are sick. Then there's the thing of one of us being sick. The well parent has to care for the kids and needs help.

So far, we've had a little bit of everything: She's been sick and we've taken turns checking on her, I've been sick and she's come over to help my spouse, my spouse had shingles about a month ago, and she was super helpful. Then most recently, our daughter got sick and I felt too tired to handle it alone.

I know I can't just ask my spouse or lover to call off their plans because I don't like them or what is happening, I get that. I just want to know that it is okay to ask for help when someone is ill.

It's even harder now that I'm working full time. We tried maintaining our tag team parent game to save on child care, but he kept falling asleep and that's not safe-(he works 4-12a and gets up early to be with them.) So I decided to bite the bullet and enroll them in child care to make sure that we were both getting enough rest to be good parents.

As always, thanks for reading.

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