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Victorphoenix 03-16-2012 09:17 AM

Big Handsome Man Looking for a Sensual Nerdess In Phoenix AZ.
Hey there everyone,

Myself and my fiance have become interested in poly.

I am looking to start a relationship with smart sensual Nerdess.
The person I hope to find loves Nerdy things, Roleplaying Games, Fantasy-Sci Fi and such but also has a sense of finer things in life like Musical Theatre and Fine Dining.
She can be one her own or part of a poly relationship already.
Such a relationship would start off getting know me and hopefully as time goes on a friendship or relationship can grow with my fiance.

Some deep thing to know about My Self and My Fiance,
We have a young daughter whose well being and happiness comes first in our everything.
We are Atheists. I do not begrudge or judge those who believe yet skepticism is a large part of the way I think and I am skeptical that i could form a deep relationship with someone who dose not understand that.
We are Humanist. I do not accept bigotry, be it based on color, sex, sexual orientation, income bracket, or immigration status making a relationship with you. I do not hate you but I do not tolerate bigotry in my life.

Other than that
I am a caring loving sensual man looking to fill my life with someone equally as sensual and loving.

If I sound like someone you might like to get to know reply back even if your not the sensual nerdess.


PS I am sorry to come of so blunt but honesty and compassion are the keys of a good relationship.

JaneQSmythe 03-17-2012 12:46 AM

Lovely ! Upon reading this I remarked to the boys "That's it...we're moving to Phoenix." (Dude vetoed it...says we can move to Tucson, but not Phoenix...sorry. ;) )

I'm the Nerdess - Science Geek, Sci-Fi Fan (books predominantly, generally Golden Age SF, I am a bibliophile - but I do make exceptions for some TV series like Firefly and Dark Angel), periodically addicted to my MMORG (temporarily on hiatus as this forum is my current online addiction). Agnostic, Libertarian. (I'm not as familiar with the "Humanist" philosophy - but I agree that bigotry is not tolerable to me.)

Welcome to the forums Josh!

PS. I'll take you up on the musical theatre - the boys aren't interested, but we all love good food (and excellent beer).

Victorphoenix 03-17-2012 01:47 AM

Thank you, for the welcome. I love the Theatre, yet that clause is more for my Amber, she is theatre in every way. And someone who can connect there can find a place in our life.

and once again thank you for the warm welcome. Its hard to go from not dating anyone but my Amber for nearly eight years. And then opening myself up again after so many years telling my self feeling like this was wrong.

It liberating and terrifying.

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