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duocouple 03-08-2012 06:04 AM

New here looking for advice
We are a newly formed polyamorous couple.

I am a woman who is going to be 29 at the end of the month, and my partner will be 29 in October. I came to the realization that I was polyamorous while still in NYC. While living there I met a woman whom was polyamorous and speaking to her led me to see the truth in that we can love more than one person and that it is okay. My boyfriend and I have been looking for someone to share our love with and we are hoping to find someone with the same values as us. We are both open and trying to find someone that will make us complete.

polypenguin 03-08-2012 03:44 PM

so, i'm a little confused, what is it that you need advice/help with?

Polywaw 03-08-2012 03:49 PM

Welcome to the site! I think you're like many couples out there who, especially when first exploring poly, consider themselves looking only for a third individual (whether man or woman, usually woman it seems). This woman is the unicorn (a bi chick who wants you both). If you check out over this site, there are success stories, so it is possible.

However, seeking advice for meeting that person... it's very difficult to do so and can be disheartening when throwing yourself out. There aren't really dating sites geared toward what we search for (we are also a poly couple who has looked for a third in the past). One of the best ways might be to be active and open to meeting people, and forming friendships. When you're comfortable, let them know what you're looking for, or put feelers out and see if they're looking for the same.

Many people don't realize they'd be ok with the idea, they don't actively pursue it. This is why I'm not saying, go up to people and say "Hey, we'd like to play the Eiffel Tower with you, you in?"

in any case, good luck! Feel free to share your experience and questions here.

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