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WaywardDruid 05-07-2009 02:23 AM

Family - The Web Series.
As an avid viewer of Family web-series I thought I'd just put up the uncensored site location for those interested.
Northwest Live TV - Family

And also the production site for those interested in delving even deeper into who and what it's all about.(Donations appreciated)
3 Dog Pictures

Just Me,

ladyjools 11-18-2009 11:59 PM

just watched the last episode of season 1, i really hope the make a 2nd :)

rubyfish 11-19-2009 01:26 AM

They've made about a dozen episodes. The edited versions are on youtube if you search for "family polyamory." When I was first trying to understand my feelings about loving more than one person, I went to the internet to find someone like me. That show was one of the first things I stumbled upon and I'm glad that I did.

LovingRadiance 11-19-2009 02:29 AM

The link doesn't work for me. Is there another way to access this?

WaywardDruid 11-19-2009 05:59 PM

Updated Family Link for NWLive.

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance (Post 12411)
The link doesn't work for me. Is there another way to access this?

The Link should now work. They update so I put in new one above and I'll also add it here for the Family Series on NWLive.

NorthWest Live Family Series


Just Me,

LovingRadiance 11-19-2009 11:49 PM

Thanks, we are enjoying the entertainment. :)

Rarechild 11-23-2009 07:29 PM

I am unimpressed with this series. But good effort- just really bad acting and wrtiting.:)

Ravenesque 12-30-2009 08:49 AM

I liked this series quite a bit. :D I need to catch up on their most recent episodes. I hope they move on to a second season as well. It's nice to see varying perspectives on polyamory in different mediums.


MonoVCPHG 12-31-2009 02:51 AM

This is a series best viewed by those in the poly community I think. The feedbeack I get from those outside it is not very flattering :(

nikkiana 12-31-2009 03:44 AM

I've only watched the first couple of episodes... I have no attention span so I had a hard time getting into it... but I've had some interesting conversations resulting from it... I remember I shared it with a gay poly friend and we watched the episode where they go to a poly meetup group.... and his immediate question was, "Where are all the gay people?"

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