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nihonjindesu 02-18-2012 03:43 AM

Hello, (:
I'm Katie. I'm 19yrs old, and I just joined as did my boyfriend (his intro's somewhere..)

We recently (around Christmas time) "opened up" our relationship after being together about a year. It was my idea, because for a long time I'd been thinking about jealousy and what it really means &why we feel it, as well as why it was that I would "feel things" for other people even though I loved my boyfriend to death.. it just didn't equal out in my head. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it was social conditioning combined with fear, which I definitely didn't want in my life.

So anyway, I read him an article called "A Crazy Little Thing Called.." that I thought was wonderful (it discusses compersion), and after a lot of excitement, confusion, sadness, anger, and talking things out for hours on hours, we came to be where we are now (which is I guess joining this forum & 'getting involved' in the poly community).

I am happier than ever, my relationship feels more perfect than ever, and I love where my life seems to be going. Society puts about 239871763245 chains on your back through the course of your life, & slowly over the past couple years I've been ridding myself of them. I haven't got much else to say but so far I'm liking the forum & I look forward to conversing with & learning from you all.

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