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wallabumba 02-17-2012 08:34 PM

Hello all!
Newbie to this forum here. I am a single bi-female living in "the other south central"--known as Amish country PA. I live a pretty simple life, work (secretary), eat (helluva good cook when I want to be--doing low-carb 80% of the time for health reasons), sleep (with my doggie cuddled up close). I like reading, watching sci-fi on Netflix, going to flea markets and junk shops. I think I am pretty funny (and sometimes I really am). I have been in the poly waters before, courting a couple of relationships that just didn't blossom. It's ok. I wasn't in the right place mentally/emotionally/spiritually or it wasn't the right time or whatever causes potential relationships to go sideways. So I am ready to get back out there and find the people I can openly share my love and my life with.

Don't be shy about sending me a message--I am in great need of making friends, no matter what your situation or where you are located in the USA.

:D MZWB (aka mz.wallabumba)

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