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Breathesgirl 02-13-2010 06:41 PM

Good times
It's a great feeling knowing that my possible secondary (I'm his possible tertiary) and my primary get long awesomely! They have a lot in common & get together Friday evenings, along with a few others, to play D&D 4th ed.

We'll all have family picnincs together a couple of times during the summer and bring whomever with us. I get my fill of ankle biters at their place and then come home and enjoy the relative peace and quiet of teen agers, lol. He comes over here once a week, usually, and enjoys the total peace and quiet of no kids in residence, no crying, no "Poppaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!", etc. Cuddles, talks, movies with no one else talking (dig at my boyfriend, btw, lol).

*sigh* I can most definitely understand why some folks are drawn to poly.

MonoVCPHG 02-13-2010 08:23 PM

Great to hear such a positive experience:) I hope you keep sharing your journey.
Take care

Breathesgirl 02-13-2010 08:57 PM

Thanx :).

I'll keep posting as they happen :).

ImaginaryIllusion 02-13-2010 10:17 PM


Originally Posted by Breathesgirl (Post 22185)
They have a lot in common & get together Friday evenings, along with a few others, to play D&D 4th ed.

*sigh* I'm sorry Breathesgirl, I'd love to feel happy for you, but I just can't support this in good conscience. I mean...4th ed? Come'on! That just can't be justified when there so many better gaming choices out there!

Breathesgirl 02-13-2010 10:35 PM

One of these days I AM going to throw this lap top from the balcony! From three floors up do you think it would finally do what it's supposed to WHEN it's supposed to do it? lol

I know absolutely NOTHING about gaming other than the fact they enjoy it and that's good enough for me :). It means I get some PEACE AND QUIET around here with absolutely no background noise, no tv, no son singing (rather well i might add) to whatever he finds on Youtube, no blaring music, no rap or hip hop, no son spending 3 hours talking on the landline (he lost his cell due to non-payment of his bill to me, his mom, who's name his bill is in) to his girlfriend whom he's going to be seeing in just a few hours, NOTHING! Nothing except me and my thoughts, the bird singing & the tapping of my computer keys.

Hmmmmmm, He does enjoy the other editions, Shadowrun, 40K that I can think of off hand & since He's asleep right now I'll not risk His, or my, sanity by waking Him and asking what the others are, lol.

I know there are other things I would rather be doing since gaming holds absolutely no interest for me (not that everyone understands that but the blank look in my eyes when they bring it up usually does the trick, lol) but there are things I do which hold no interest for him either *shrug*. Who doesn't like peace and quiet? :D Him, that's who. He enjoys his regular Wednesday "me" time but has SOME form of sound going all the time.:o:)

Breathesgirl 03-16-2010 01:56 PM

Awesome day yesterday!

Let me back track a bit here. Possibility got out of the hospital last Wednesday after a four day attack of gall stones. His primary partners weren't in the country and one of them had food poisoning so them coming back wasn't feasible:(. He spent those four days in the hospital, an hour away, totally alone! Not sleeping well at all, on a liquid diet, and utterly lonely! I couldn't go because of work and transportation costs and I was cat sitting. The cats were at their place and with our transportation system.....let's just say I would have gotten to the hospital in time to turn around and come back home. Any way, I borrowed a vehicle so we could go pick him up *joy*. He was pacing the hallway and practically ran to give me a hug. He buried his head in my shoulder and would have cried, I think, if it hadn't been such a public place.

We got back to town and got the man fed with REAL food and took him home so he could get a shower and the first good night's rest since his partners left on vacation.

His liver numbers were way, WAY out of whack. He was slightly yellow/gray because of it. The numbers are coming down and more blood tests are ordered so they can monitor it and intervene if they don't come down to within acceptable levels soon.

We both had yesterday off--his normal day off and I took this week as paid vacation since it's March/Spring break so I can spend time with the kids as well, and decided Monday would be good since his partners are due back tonight so we wouldn't get our weekly night in if we didn't do it then.

I went over there yesterday morning & got to spend the WHOLE day with him! We didn't have anything planned other than a walk to the library and to watch some of The 4400, both of which we did, as well as a trip to the grocery store and Subway so I could finally get some food into me before the dreaded headache set in.

It was cuddles, quiet times, relaxing & just......I don't really know how to explain it really. He played his video games while I watched, I read, we Watched some of The 4400 *sigh*

I DO enjoy watching OTHERS play video games. It's relaxing for me for some reason. One of my very first dates was to an arcade, lol, For some reason this surprised and amused him, lol. If I'm having trouble falling asleep I'll ask Sir to boot up one of His games and just lie there and watch until my brain is relaxed enough to enable me to sleep.

I was planning on coming home around 3, got there around 9, but Sir called and said he was still at work & didn't know when He'd be home. Sir called again when He got home and asked me to stop at the store & didn't really tell me when to be home, He just asked that I be home by 8 so we could watch Chuck together. *sigh*

All happy, happy, joy, joy yesterday:).

I got home before 8 and got to sit there and watch Sir play DDO (which I do play when I'm in the mood for frustration and killing) while I told Him about my day :D.

Yup, good day :D.

Breathesgirl 03-17-2010 11:55 PM

I was over there again last night to keep him company, and help him keep his sanity, until his partners got home. They made it home safe and sound & he's super, super happy now, lol. Snuggles and cuddles abound now I guess, lol.

I've been thinking about offering my/our baby sitting services, once they get back in the groove of everything, so they can have a date night and have some reacquainting time without having to worry about the kids :D.

Today five of us (me, my nephew, one of my sons, b/f & his possibility) to a cheap movie and had a blast :D. All's good here other than my being super tired, lol.

Breathesgirl 04-25-2010 12:51 PM

Things are swimming along quite nicely:).

Possibility is having his gallbladder removed Tuesday as long as his throat isn't still sore (they're susptecting Strep) & is threatening to go out and eat the fattiest foods he can find so they'll take it out as an emergency *sigh*. He's frustrated beyond belief! He's tired of having to watch what he eats and the paranoia is eating him alive! He's scared that the next thing he eats will send him back to the hospital in worse pain than before. I'm being good in that respect. I dig out my weight watchers recipes and cook something up from those, modifying the fat content if I can or need to. This last time it was Slim Down Sloppy Joes--awesome!

Other than the gall bladder stuff.....We've decided it's time to add some bdsm elements into our relationship. This is an exciting turn & we're just waiting until he's had his surgery and the doctor clears him for activities more strenuous than lifting a pencil, lol.

We're currently working our way through the TV show Jericho with an ocassional change to The 4400, lol. Sometimes we throw in a movie for a change of pace.

Breathesgirl 05-15-2010 12:17 AM


It's Robin's night to be her own primary! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to this night each and every week! It's two whole hours (sometimes more) of no one being here other than myself and the bird, lol. Time to regroup, recharge and get caught up on moderating duties, email, do some chatting, update blogs and just generally have some down time.

I am very excited. Possibility is turning into more and more of a sure thing each and every week.

I made him blush yesterday and I wasn't there to see it, drat my luck!

I had sent him an email detailing why I was happy with taking things as slowly as we have been. I had my say, including what I thought were some of his endearing traits, lmao.

We are talking about what it is we want to do when the doc clears him for play time. We're working on our limits lists (one of the things I'm probably going to do tonight btw) and just generally teasing each other and just gushing at each other, lol.

We've known each other for two or three years and have finally started talking about taking the plunge into the realm of a more sexual and physical relationship. Yes, we're definitely taking things slowly.

I want to make sure that this relationship is for me. I've been hurt too many times in the past (although in mono relationships :rolleyes:) & I'm just trying to protect myself from more hurt. He's hurt me before as well which put a huge old dent in my trust but we've slowly been working that out and moving forward.

I wanted to also make double & triple sure that Breathes was definitely ok with my being with another man. When Possibility originally asked me if I would consider being in a secondary relationship with him Breathes had voiced some concerns over the fact Possibility is bi-sexual and lack of knowledge of how safe their safe sex practices were and what his past love life had been. We've gotten over that hurdle now & Possibility suggested he go and get his blood work done just to ease Breathes' mind on that score.

I love the way Possibility gets all nervous around me. It reminds me of teen age love/puppy love where the participants are all tongue tied and can't seem to find the right words or actions for what's on their minds, lol.

I may also be feeling a touch of NRE, lol. This week was the first time we've actually discussed with actual words, rather than innuendo and suggestions, a sexual relationship & it's got me flying :). Mind you, my suggestion of adding a BDSM context to our relationship had him flying, lol.


Breathes is my savior and salvation in so many little ways. He's always there for me. He reads me and knows me so very well. He can usually tell, long before I can, what it is I really need right then & is usually on hand to provide it.

For instance: I was having a really hard time on Mother's Day. He went out and got me a card and two Spider Robinson books. The next day I asked him how he knew what it was I needed. His answer? "I'm a genius!" lol

He is also my best friend, my soul mate, my sanity, my sounding board and so very much more.

I don't think he realizes just exactly how much I really do love him. I don't know if I can even verbalize how much, really. A line from Who Framed Roger Rabbit comes to mind whenever I think about it. "How do I love thee, let me count the ways! One one thousand, two one thousand...."

Any way, enough for now. The tendonitis in my wrist is acting up which means I really need to stop typing.

Breathesgirl 05-15-2010 04:52 PM

Possibility and I are absconding with his kids later this afternoon.

His male partner won't be home and his wife hasn't had alone time in ages so I proposed we take the kids to the library or McDonald's play land so she can have some down time, we can spend some time together & he'll have the help he needs if one of the kids needs to be picked up. (He's on weight restrictions until the doc gives him the green light).

Elsewhere someone asked what our ideal relationship would look like. Mine would look something like : our two families merging--the five in his family the four in mine--to form our own intentional community. We would be open to having others join us or our current partners having other partners. We would have individual rooms so we could all have our alone time when we needed it. There would be one very large cuddle/sleep room where we could all cuddle, snuggle, sleep when the want or need arose. We would have a large media room with the computers, TV, music system all located there with smaller boom boxes in the individual rooms. All rooms would be sound proofed since I'm sound sensitive. We would all communicate with each other telling each other when we had a problem or when things were going good, future plans, memories. We wouldn't all have to be lovers but we would have to be able to get along.

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