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Fireflies 02-14-2012 01:55 AM

My little world has been on quite a journey in the past year and I found this forum a little while ago and have found it very helpful.

Our story (sorry, will try to keep it short)

I'm a 35yr old woman, living in Southern Ontario. My husband and I have been together for 16yrs and married for 10. About a year ago he moved for work/school to Virginia. I've stayed in Ontario with our 2 boys (due to work and financial situations).

Until last spring I really had no idea that poly existed. A new friend introduced me to her lifestyle. Over the years I have found myself attracted to other people (both men and women) over the years but haven't crossed a line. I spent the fall reading books, blogs and stories.

I had a co-worker that I was attracted to, but we were never more then friends. We only socialized outside of work once or twice. Last spring he and his wife moved to NS. We became facebook friends, exchanged cell #'s and stayed in contact.

In October other friends approached me about moving in with their family and living together to share parenting, household stuff and help both of all of us out financially. I needed to speak to someone I trusted and respected but slightly removed from the situation about this and turned to him (partially because I was pretty sure he and his wife were in some form of untraditional marriage at that point but didn't have details). In doing that I learned that they do have an open marriage and that he too was attracted to me.

In December when my hubby was home I approached him with the idea of opening our marriage (and gave him a book and list of resources for him to read). I told him about the relationship that I wanted to explore with my friend in NS. He was a little stunned by it all, but listened to what I had to say and took the information. After a couple of weeks he let me know he had finished reading and was ready to talk. He is not interested in another relationship right now and hasn't ever really thought about having another one. But, respects how I'm feeling and that I haven't gone behind his back to do anything (which would have been very easy, seeing as we live 1000km apart and only see each other once a month).

So, I'm currently living with another married couple (neither of whom I'm in a sexual relationship with, but we are closer then most just friends), with my 2 kids and their 2 kids. My husband is in Virginia, I'm planning a trip east to explore a potential LDR and I'm happier then I have been in years.

Just wanted to say hello and thanks! Much of the reading I've done here has been most helpful :D

NovemberRain 02-14-2012 03:40 PM

Welcome to the forum. What a lovely story! :D good on' ya!

sjc80918 02-15-2012 03:47 AM

Wow, great story!
Thanks for sharing

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