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Seasnail 02-09-2010 03:26 AM

Amazing Intimacy
One of the most amazing things that has come of opening up the boundaries of my relationship with my husband is a surprise friendship with OM

He's the friend of a friend, and was sent to comfort me when I needed someone and had no-one to call. He's apparently crushed on me for years! I only just noticed that he's attractive, and he only just entered into a new and exclusive relationship. I don't know if more would develop if we were both available at the same time...

We've shared each other's drama & joys over the past year, and I feel comfortable talking to him about *anything*. We talk about the trials of relationships, depression, decision-making, communication, pretty much everything. He was telling me about his relationship with our mutual friend, and how, since they can't have sex, they do recreational drugs together sometimes. He said it brings down the boundaries between them in a similar way. I wondered why they needed a special bonding time like that, and he said they didn't need to, they just do have bonding time.

So I've been thinking about the boundaries of friendships, and beginning to understand things in a different way, and I feel like I'm letting go of some of my restraints on how love should be.

Yesterday, at my HB's birthday party, I was nervous about some of the surprises I had planned turning out properly, and OM reached under the table to touch my foot with his. I feel so supported and loved.

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