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Faery 02-06-2010 11:08 PM

feeling confused
I know Ive not posted alot since joining but Im really needing somewhere to air my thoughts atm.

After being out of work for a year Ive managed to land my dream job, hours are long and it leaves me very busy but its perfect.
Night my lappy has broken, I text to tell my gf this and shes come online (im using the OHs lappy)

GF asks me if I'm going to be around much now I dont have my lappy and I explained that I wasn't sure how much but Id be around as much as I can. This is a long distance relationship. Totally out of the blue Im accused of never having time for her, calling me every name under the sun telling me im a lier, and that I should f**k off.

Shes also called me a Wh*re for having multiple partners.

Ive been with this gf for over a year and she too has tried poly tho she found it not something for her.

I dont get it I thought she loved me now she says she hates me.

TBH Im gutted Im trying to pretend its not hurt but its killed something inside me.
Me and her were so so close and shes thrown it away in 1 night.

this isnt the first time shes split with me - ive been with her just over a year.

Im so confused

*posted by cosmicgirl - just realised Im on OHs profile

Ariakas 02-07-2010 01:42 AM

Maybe she is just reacting to the belief that you won't have time for her and instead of getting hurt, she is lashing out?

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