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tinkandgumba 02-04-2012 04:43 PM

married couple looking for mfm triad in az
hi my wife and i are looking for a cool bi women that wants to date us both in an exclusive triad ltr.she turns 24 on the 8th and i turn 28 next month.she is petite with 4 small tats and some piercings, some that cant be seen lol. i am built with alot of tats and snake bites with spikes and i spike my hair(hers is short).i go to school full time working towards a degree in conservation biology with a 3.8 gpa so im smurt lol but i dont look like your average scientist thats for sure lol.we both love hiking, camping, fishing, and shooting. we also enjoy going antiqueing, walking around the mall, getting drinks with friends,or just relaxing at home and playing board games or maybe ario party or just watching a movie. we have a 3 year old daughter who is the light of our life and she is so cute and smart and shes freaking hillarious.
well thats us in a nut shell lol we are both very loving and caring and want someone who appreciates us for who we are.

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