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ImaginaryIllusion 01-29-2012 05:59 PM

Winnipeg Free Press - Article 28 Jan
A well done article in Winnipeg featuring some interviews with John Ince, another family from the court case, and also included a sidebar on definitions. Hopefully an indicator of media coverage to come.

Although the comments area's on articles often degrade into misconceptions or worse...and can do with some clarification from time to time.

Winnipeg Free Press
Three's company: polyamoury in Winnipeg
Loving more than one person isn't a problem for people in polyamorous relationships

By: Carolin Vesely
Posted: 01/28/2012 1:00 AM


Michelle, 39, has been married to Michael, 50, since 1995. They live in rural Manitoba and have two school-age children.
In 2005, however, Michelle found herself falling in love with Liam, a friend, fellow musician and bandmate she'd known for as long as she'd known her husband. He sang at their wedding, in fact.
Turns out the feelings were mutual.
This is typically where the weaving of the tangled web begins. Except that Michael not only knew about his wife's extramarital attraction, he consented to and supported her decision to get romantically involved with the divorced father of two.

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