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Nathan77 01-19-2012 06:16 AM

34 yo Gay male for Triad - Minneapolis(currently)
Ok... so I'm really new to all of this. I created an ad on the NYC-Poly site, so I'm just going to post that content here. Looking forward to getting to know you all. :)


becoming self-employed; finance; writing & speaking mostly about spirituality; non-violence; singing & learning the guitar; being outside-love the clothing optional beach at Hippie Hollow in Austin, TX; being fit; having a great life; making a difference; being a dad; having an awesome family
Well, I didn't seriously consider that I am polyamorous until the 2011 Creating Change conference in Minneapolis. So things have really been percolating for me. I am so curious about this, but I don't want to force anything... I want a relationship to evolve naturally. And I have *no* idea how to begin creating a poly relationship. (this site is helping.) I kind of just want to be around poly people first... having these conversations in my head or with people who aren't poly isn't very interesting. :)

I'm an awesome person, smart, funny, tall & handsome, though I can be a bit modest sometimes. ;-) I'm almost 6'2" and 195lbs.

I am respected and trusted in my spiritual community, I am working on being self employed in finance, I can be an effective activist and educator when needed. I am a foster dad-my son has been out of the house for a year. I really love my family in Oklahoma & Texas.

I'm loving and kind... and I have no problem with clear, straight communication.

Healthy. Joyful. Passionate. Sexy. Fulfilling. Loving. Beautiful. Creative. Powerful.

I am committed to having a great life. I eventually want to adopt or foster more kids. I want to be the one that has my partners' dreams come true.

As I'm learning the terms, I think a mostly-monogamous triad with two other guys is what I'm looking for.

The quality of your relationships with others matters to me. Do people know you as kind, brave, honest, loving? I want you to have or be willing to develop a strong capacity for communication that creates love. I want you to be willing to trust, to play, to risk. I want to be with guys who are really up to something in life. Do you want to be a dad?

I'm looking for guys close to my age, give or take 10 yrs- preferably my age or older. Please be handsome, sexy, fit or hwp, and perfection is not required.

SinglePoly1985 03-28-2012 09:46 AM

Single Polyamorous
Hey I'm a 27 yr old 180 lb. I have been in a polyamory relationship in the past. I'm looking to venture out into another type of relationship, we should talk more some time, you can catch me on facebook - Randall Parker or www.okcupid.com :) hope to hear from you

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