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NCsisterwife 01-16-2012 07:52 PM

SBF seeking...
I am biracial (NOT bisexual, sorry), childless, with 2 cats so I prefer to hear from pet owners or people who at least like cats, and I keep myself fit by daily workouts and healthy eating. I am serious about finding a family or couple who as serious as I am, because I have had my time wasted a lot by people and I am not getting any younger, plus I detest it when I feel I'm being played. Honesty, truth, integrity, loyalty, intelligence, ambition, and excellence of character are requirements in a relationship, particularly one such as this. I am drug/disease/smoke free, I very rarely touch alcohol - mostly to cook with - and I enjoy pursuits such as walking, hiking, yoga, meditation, mountains, cooking/baking, reading, writing (my goal is to become a successful screenwriter), movies, music, history, and aerobics, among other interests. I do have some traffic violations and feel I should be upfront about it, since some may not want a person with that on her record - though I am working to get them off, since I paid and they were dismissed. I am extremely open to relocation to the West Cost, being that I'm contemplating such a move anyway, but not to any foreign nations. I thought I had found a couple but unfortunately, that turned out to be a lost hope on my part. I really want to hear from good couples mid 30s to late 40s; if you feel that we would click, please don't hesitate to contact me ASAP. I'm almost 42 but I look much younger than my age.

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