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SchrodingersCat 01-16-2012 09:11 AM

My boss's boyfriend is my girlfriend's husband
I want this on a t-shirt.

It's not quite true, but I did go on an excellent date today with a woman who is married to a man (technically, FTM) who is in a relationship with my supervisor, and it makes for a catchy title. OKC says we're very compatible, we managed to talk for three and a half hours that flew by, and we have so much in common. Exciting!

Cool, huh? :P

BlackUnicorn 01-16-2012 09:57 AM


I make a personal mission of contacting everyone in my area whom I don't already know and who is >90% Match with me.

SchrodingersCat 01-28-2012 06:36 AM

That awkward stage between "we've gone out a couple times" and "dating" and "in a relationship."

Well, I had a couple friends over. It's a small city, so word gets around. She asked me if I was dating the woman mentioned above. LoL well... I said we'd gone out a couple times, that I was interested in her and pretty sure she's interested in me... then I realized... well, if YOU heard that we've gone out a few times, and I didn't tell you, that means you heard it through the grapevine originating from her... so I guess that means we're "dating" ? hehe

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