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LeTheatre 01-10-2012 02:54 PM

Story that our paramours are going to act out. You can join in.
Hello people. Long time lurker here.

We are currently living together as a quad consisting of my wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, and myself. All bisexual.

It will be my wife's birthday in two months. We plan on surprising her with some erotic role playing. Porn with plot.

Here's the problem: We have no script to work with! So hopefully the nice people on this site can help us. We want you to work together and help create a story for us.

It's simple. I'll post a sentence to start things off. You reply to this sentence using the "quote button" (To remove any confusion. If we get multiple posters replying to one sentence, the person who posts first "wins".) You're only allowed to post one sentence. Another poster (you can't post twice in a row) will then reply to that sentence with another sentence. And so on. This way we will hopefully create a narrative.


Poster 1: Bob jumped over the hill.
Poster 2: He saw a ball on the other side.

If a post is off-topic, completely random, derailing to the plot, or just plain stupid (I pulled out a chainsaw hidden in my dick, turned into a super saiyan, then I cut the moon in half) it is to be ignored. We want actions to be realistic to this story's universe.

We want the sexual acts to be relatively vanilla. Vaginal and oral sex are okay. Touching of the erogenous zones with the hands, penis, tongue, and lips are also okay. Light pinching of the nipples and buttocks, and spanking are fine. Nothing beyond that. Nothing involving the anus. And yes, if you type out "stick your finger up her cunt" that's what we'll do.

We want the timing and logic of the sex acts to make sense. If our characters are about to disarm a bomb, we aren't going to randomly start riding each other.

If you're all too shy to type up anything sexual, that's fine. It doesn't need to be erotic.

The setting is in the next post.

catbird 01-12-2012 03:49 PM

Okay, i'm ready LeTheatre. what's your first sentence?
Also, what is your setting?

polychronopolous 01-19-2012 08:14 PM

You forgot the next post... =/

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