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junco 01-04-2012 01:20 PM

junco - i goofed
okay, let me try this again, cause i didn't read how to do it before. i live in the midwest. came to rest here about twenty years ago, here in my home town, after fifteen years on the road with a pro theater company. i started in theater about fill in the blank years ago. let's just say it was long ago. people used coal lanterns to light the stages back then and we helped invent radio. how's that?

i'm a guy, fairly happily married. not sure if i'm poly or not. like people very much, all kinds, even the villains. isn't it interesting how villains think? like the good guys too. i've read you guys quite a bit, and think you are good guys.

please write me. y'all are quite welcome with me. :)

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