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deniedera 01-01-2012 07:29 PM

Hello to all of you...
Just thought Introducing myself here before posting in the cool topics I got to see here :)

I'm xxxx and I'm from Baghdad, Iraq... Yeah I know, it's war in Iraq, But don't worry, I don't involve myself in those War things and I'm not Active much... I'm moving out of Iraq soon, so all in all, I'm fine, and I'm going to be better :)

Well, I started to think about the Base of Polyamory myself (Having Multiple Relationships and etc...), I didn't even know it exists at the time, By the way my Sexual Orientation (Bisexuality) really helped me with thinking about Polyamory, then I hitted the Search and got a Few books and Blogs about it to read, so My understandings got better.
I didn't had any Experience with Polyamory so I don't know if I can handle it or not, but I know and I believe that there is nothing I like more than being in a Polyamory relationship someday...

Just to make it Clear; Islam that is a Majority religion in Iraq, Teaches Multiple Relationship but Just for Men (Polygamy) but I'm not talking about Polygamy, I'm not even a Muslim, I'm Agnostic and I'm talking about Polyamory not Polygamy.

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