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keystock 12-30-2011 09:18 PM

New and Confused
Hello All,
I'm new to discovering that I was Poly about a year ago. I have been with my boyfriend for about 6 years. Our best friend has lived with us for almost 4 of those years, I'll refer to him as my partner as I'm unsure what else to call him. I have two wonderful little girls one with a previous marriage and one with my boyfriend. I discovered I had feelings for our partner after we all decided to experiment and have a threesome. We have all been trying to figure out how to manage our relationships since. My boyfriend is very confused about all of this and is Ok with it and then isn't, I know he's trying but he seems very torn. Our partner is completely OK with everything and is just happy to be with us and wants nothing more than to be with both of us (the threesome was very "straight" of them). I'm unsure as to how to help my boyfriend understand my being Poly and understand so we can move forward and get on to the next life hurtle. That is why I'm here you all are the only place I found that I was hopping to get some experience/advice. I have read almost all the books already and have been educating myself on myself for almost a year now. I have me figured out but not how to help my super mono boyfriend understand that his poly girlfriend loves him to no end. Thanks all this is me :)

ImaginaryIllusion 12-31-2011 08:38 AM

Welcome to the Forum.

Moonglow 12-31-2011 12:29 PM

Hi welcome to the forum. I hope you can find support here and help with your situation. The main thing is all takes time, patience and communication. Hoping you have all in the new year!

nycindie 01-02-2012 12:25 AM

Has your bf read those books, too? Might be helpful.

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