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Terra151 12-27-2011 05:37 PM

Hi everyone. You can all call me Terra, I finally decided to introduce myself but please go easy on me, cause I'm terrified, lol. I'm 18 years old and I'm currently living in Fort Hood TX. I love to draw and have written about 11 mangas (comic books). I also love stand up comedians, tyler perry films and i love to read. Im outspoken and often too sarcastic for my own good but ill always keep you laughing. :D I'm nervous about relationships because they usually end up being about someone wanting to fuck and leave but I'm still a hopeless romantic...I'm odd in the fact that I love men and women equally, they both are beautiful and exotic creatures but if I could find myself in any fairy tale pairing...it would be with 2 bisexual/gay men, :o which from what I've read so far is understandable but not all that common. Of course I'm not shut off from anyone who wants to try to get to know me, romantically but I also would like to meet FRIENDS too, who are interested in polyamory. I'm am a bit shy though sexually...:confused: not that I'm opposed to it, but I'm a little tired of hearing, "this doesn't mean anything...we're just fucking." i love to laugh and joke around though, So anyone with a good sense of humor already has a head start.:D

ImaginaryIllusion 12-28-2011 06:08 PM

Welcome to the Forum Terra.

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