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aurorahjean 12-23-2011 05:03 PM

Merging our families
I have been with my husband for 17 yrs and married for 12, we entered into our first real poly relationship with another married couple who have been married to each other for 10 yrs. we each have 2 young children (4 total) we compute to see each other and do lots of things as a family, the kids love the others and treat them as extended family. we have had our ups and downs as with any regular relationship but have been dealing with them by talking them out and trying to see a point from all 4 sides. we all love each other very much and have been considering co habitation and merging our 2 families, both of our immediate family (parents, siblings ect .) know about our poly status and are supportive. i am wondering if anyone else has merged two families and how that worked for them and also how to explain it to our 10,6,6,and 4yr old children....we all have seperate bedrooms that way we have our own space still but we really want to raise our families together and teach them unconditional love...ok so im rambeling ...thank you for any thoughts and advice.

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