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calya 12-08-2011 08:11 AM

Hi! Brand New!
I've always identified with mono, but I'm maturing and I'm changing and realize the possibilities for the world, including hearts, are endless. I'm currently a 30 year old woman who, for the first time in her life, is single, but happy; happy with herself, happy with her body.

I'm dating and have been expressly clear with those I date that I'm dating others, that I'm not going to enter serious monogamous relationship for a very long time. I'm also recently seeing women for the first time. Something I always pushed aside before and I am finally ready to explore that part of myself.

Seeing more than one person, even casually, is unusual for me and as I started thinking about it I realized as a result I could develop feelings for more than one individual at a time and I started researching poly. I haven't yet read some of the amazing literature I know is out there, but I will as soon as I get my hands on them.

From what I have learned so far, even if I never fully practice poly, I can learn a lot about my and others emotional struggles here and I look forward to being, if nothing else, just a better person and more respectful of the feelings of my loved ones.

I have been seeing a man, who will go by J, for four months who has been very supportive of my request to take our relationship very slowly, to continue to see others and to explore relationships with women (his acceptance is part of what makes me love him more every day).

I've also met a few girls online who I hope to meet in person shortly after the holidays. I travel for work about half the year in month long increments so I tend to meet people online (usually more than one), converse for a while and then meet them in person when I'm back in town.

I'm bouncing with excitement for the possibilities ahead. I am so glad that I found this forum, I have been scouring it non-stop for days and everyone here sounds supportive and, most importantly, honest. I'm also incredibly glad that I've found you before I do irreparable damage to people I love.

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