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RadiantHeart 12-07-2011 03:49 AM

Texas hetero-M/F seeking hetero-male for Longterm (Polyandry/Polyfidelity)
I am new to the site and also to Polyamory, but my husband and I have been discussing our openness to it and our desire for a PolyAndric marriage for some time. About two years ago we were having a very expressive conversation and it surfaced that we both had the desire to incorporate another man into our dynamic and to share our love with. It was a very magical moment for the two of us to share that we both felt in that moment that someone was missing in our Love. We have not been actively seeking him but we have thrown a few lines out into the ether in the hopes that our paths might cross . . . Which is why I am here! ;)

About Me: 33 bisexual female with a preference for men that is very creative & loving. I am 5’8 with short dark auburn hair (currently trying to grow out again), blue and brown eyes, and a curvy bbw build with about 32 tattoos. I was the nurturing over-achiever in school and the kinda girl that everyone trusted with their deepest darkest secrets because I wasn’t the judging type and I had insight at an early age. I love to work and am insightful to a fault. I graduated in 2009 with my BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Metals & Jewelrymaking (minors in Latin Art History and Creative Writing), and walked away from Grad School because the program I was chasing wasn’t for me. I have hopes of becoming a tattooist one day, but in the meantime I am at home with my kids until they get old enough for pre-school. I am an artist and jack-of-all-trades, so I’m your gal in the Zombie Apocalypse! I enjoy the odd game of WoW but my real nerdy passion is D&D. I currently run a game with my husband and a bunch of friends every Friday night. I love to sew, draw, paint, work in the yard and to cook – baking and breaking recipes are a few of my favorite things to do! I am a very spiritual individual (Heathen Witch) and I live a life filled with magic & meaning. I love to read when I get a chance, but also like watching BBC (Blackadder, BBC News, Little Britain, Faulty Towers, etc), RuPaul’s Drag Race, American Dad, and Chopped. I am a huge movie buff and almost majored in Film in college, so I have far too many favorites and categories to list here.(lol) I am a very unique lady that has the hopes of learning to play the mandolin one day . . . INFJ

About him: 25 heterosexual male that is very caring & geeky. He is 5’11 with ash brown hair and a penny red beard, blue eyes and an average build. He played tuba in high school (total band nerd) and has always been the kinda guy you could tell your life story to and he would have genuine interest in listening to you. He loves people and is generous to a fault. He went to college for a few years and studied everything from Engineering & Chemistry to Education & Art before deciding that he would feel most at home in Law Enforcement. He is currently working evenings as he is preparing for the next PD application process to begin. He is a huge gamer and has a love for console and pc games alike – WoW and the Wii being his most relied upon. He is up to date on what is new and can talk you ear off about this game and that.(lol) He is also very spiritual and loves the Norse Runes (Elder Futhark). He loves to watch Futurama, G4, Family Guy, Adventure Time and Iron Chef. With films he tends to prefer independent movies and ones that challenge perception like Art School Confidential and Dylan Dog, but is also a big fan of artsy and slightly campy action movies like: Machete, Shoot ‘em Up and Crank. He will eat anything that isn’t walking too fast and loves to try unusual beers. He is an all around fun guy that has the goal of learning to make his own mead . . . ENFP

Our Relationship: We truly are the sickening epitome of soulmates! We have been almost inseperable since the day we met and will be celebrating our eighth year together on July 4th. We really are best friends and we play and flirt with each other constantly. Easy to talk about hard and personal issues one moment, we can easily shift into laughter and joy the next . . . Neither of us is more dominant than the other – we each have our strengths and weaknesses, and are secure enough with each other to admit when we need help. We share everything and do not judge each other by feelings – which may be why we are so close because nothing is hidden or kept secret (except around birthdays & Yule – lol). We inherently devote ourselves to unconditional love with laughter, honesty, patience and effort . . . We appreciate every moment we have together and nothing is wasted. <3

At this point, I can only present a loose description of what we are looking for . . . disease-free & clean, 25 -45 year old honorable hetero pagan male with a big heart that is intelligent, geeky in his own right, hardworking, and has an amazing sense of humor that is looking for profound love in a non-traditional setting and a "Home" filled with laughter, food and family.

Be brave, and Love.

*(In this day and age distance is less of a factor for love than it used to be. We will not dismiss someone who feels that same – at any distance.)

vetmxer 04-03-2012 09:54 PM

You can never win if you never try
Ya know, just when you start to think the world is going totally in the crapper, something tends to come along to make you stop and take another look...
Wish you folks were a bit closer or that I wasn't attached to the family farm...

Live well, love hard, fight for what you believe...

RadiantHeart 04-03-2012 09:58 PM

We get that response a lot . . . We are not planning on staying where we are at. :)

flux29 07-19-2012 04:21 AM

You guys sound amazing. If only you were looking for a girl...

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