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calypsoblu 12-06-2011 05:59 AM

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope your holidays are wonderful. So, how many of you are still working on x-mas shopping? What about x-mas cards?

Well, I have gotten my x-mas cards as of this morning, so they are in the mail! Yay! This is the first tiome I have actually been able to get them done so fast and get them out with plenty of time for delivery.

Gifts- I have everyone covered.. the guys are gonna be shocked.. thankfully they dont hang around online as I do, so there is absolutely no possibility they will read this post and know what it is I have gotten them.. I am busting at the seams trying to keep it quiet with anyone on either side of the family.. so I will share with you what the guys are getting. The hubby is getting a Jericho 941 (It is a "set" of guns.. a 9mm that converts to an A&E 41.. 41 ammo is a pain in the arse to get jeez)... and OSO is getting a Ruger P95. Was funny when I went to the gun shop last friday and the lady behind the counter asks if she can show me some firearms.. help me pick one out or somethin.. my reply, I talkd to the owner, he ordered the 941 for me, its here waitin to b picked up, and I also need a P95 too. She bout peed her pants I think, I dont think it often that a girl knows her guns and knows what it is she wants to purchase.... the lady said it was the easiest sale she has had yet, gave me $100.00 off for being "easy". The lady at the counter says as I am getting ready to leave, boy, your man is gonna be soo happy getting two guns..I corrected her and said, no, its two guys each getting one gun... dont think she could wrap her head around that one... OHHH I cant wait till the guys open their gifts, they are gonna freak.. those guns are all the two of them have talked about for months.. along w their inability to afford it right now thing..little did they know, I have squirrelled any and all xtra cash for xmas gifts for the guys.

calypsoblu 12-06-2011 06:02 AM

My post was editted cause I hit submit quicker than I was able to get out the rest of my message.. I added to my post. :)

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