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Clint 12-06-2011 02:54 AM

Poly couple in Denver, hoping to meet a new girlfriend

We're a couple in Denver, Colorado. I'm 33, she's 27.

We've had an open relationship since the beginning, but have been monogamous through most of it. We are somewhat new to the polyamory thing, and recently had a great relationship with a beautiful young woman that, unfortunately and unexpectedly, was cut short after only a few months. It was nice while it lasted, and we're hoping to experience something like that again.

We enjoy long conversations about a variety of topics, dining out at great local restaurants, watching obscure films, and engaging in a variety of hobbies. I am a published author and ride a V8 trike, she is an artist who is very interested (as well as very experienced) in BDSM (masochist).

We are: attractive, affectionate, educated, stable, sane, sweet, generous, kind, and very easygoing.

I just posted a "personals" ad here, which is currently awaiting approval by a moderator. Hoping to, perhaps, meet a new girlfriend soon. Thanks.

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