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mariposa 11-26-2011 04:11 PM

Hi! New to the forum
Hi, we are so excited to find other like minded people all in one place!! ;)

We are a professional couple living in the beautiful E. Texas area. I am 42, work full time at nights and he is 43, works full time days. We juggle our home in order to keep a calm, fun, stable home life for our children. We have many interests, including outdoor sports, camping, cooking, sewing, crafts, reading, movies... just to name a few.

We are an open couple, happily married for 22 years. We started our adventures in the swing community and made some incredible sexy & fun friends but still wanted more. We found a wonderful lady of whom we adored for nearly 3 years. Unfortunately, it was just not enough for her. We still enjoy being around other like minded friends and tend to hang out with our old swinger friends. We are thankful for this forum so we to can share, understand and make other like minded friends. We are open to finding another single or couple. A QUAD sure sounds exciting!!

We love making friends, no matter where it leads....... feel free to contact us.

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