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ChloeJane 11-25-2011 11:17 PM

What are some of the hilights in your polyamorous life?
Being polyamorous can result in a lot of self exploration, communication, and hard work; forging a path outside of the status quo is not always the easiest road to take.

It would be so cool to hear about some of the hilights and triumphs in ones polyamorous journey.... fantastic aha moments, moments that you never anticipated happening, internal freedoms, what have you!

Derbylicious 11-25-2011 11:24 PM

There's a whole thread titled "sharing success and happiness" I'm pretty sure you'll find some of what you're looking for there.

Derbylicious 11-25-2011 11:25 PM

and here's the link http://www.polyamory.com/forum/showt...cess+happiness

ChloeJane 11-25-2011 11:31 PM

Thanks! So looking forward to reading it! On my way now....

ChloeJane 11-25-2011 11:32 PM

Already loving it... exactly what I was after! Hugs!

Arrowbound 11-25-2011 11:33 PM

Just feeling like there's so much out there, for both of us, and coming to the realization that I too have long had the capacity to love more than one person at a time, except I didn't know what to call it in the past.

I definitely feel like I have been released from a strict, closed way of thinking and I always welcome such a shift.

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