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HumanityTheory 11-23-2011 08:33 PM

From the source...(retry)
So apparently I suck at forums , and now I have to rewrite ze whole thing again...fml.
Ok from the top, my name is Nick.
I am 21, I live in SoCal, I'm single and I'm possibly Bi...possibly.
I had a strong Christian up bringing but had a fall out when I graduated high school, which left me shattered for a good year or so. From this experience I have forged a new set of character traits and philosophies, kind of a mishmash of different religions and mindsets.
I am involved with the LGBT community and help with whatever I can. One of my friends at the LGBT center enlightened me on the subject of poly and needless to say, it blew my little ex-Christian mind! I always took monogamy for granted, I never imagined that not just sexual orientation but relationships can come in so many different shapes and sizes! XD
I'm pretty excited to learn more, I have many questions that will probably be plastered all over the forum somewhere soon.

Anyway that's a bit of me! Hope to meet you guys soon!

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