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yarnscars 12-10-2009 09:05 PM

New, and very very curious
Hi, I'm Kelsey.
I guess technically I am Bisexual, even though I hate the term because it carries so much negativity.
I am dating an amazing girl, we've been together for about 5 months now. I'm really interested in Polyamory and want to learn more about it.
I don't really think she is interested in it at all, but I think I might talk to her about it and see what she thinks about it.
If anyone could point me in the direction of websites, or books or just general information about Polyamory I would really appreciate the help!!!

lipsnlace 12-11-2009 01:13 AM

www.lovemore.com was helpful to me. :)

Catfish 12-11-2009 01:52 AM

Welcome. Your curiosity has brought you to the right place. This forum is full up with wonderful, insightful, helpful people. Look no further for straight shooting advice on how to proceed.

Also, my wife and I found The Ethical Slut very helpful.

Best of luck.

MonoVCPHG 12-11-2009 02:17 AM

Welcome to the forum!

Ceoli 12-11-2009 02:20 AM

I'm a big fan of Franklin's poly FAQ site: http://xeromag.com/fvpoly

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