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AutumnalTone 12-08-2009 10:50 PM

New Boards?
We've been asked about the possibility of adding boards to our collection. That leads me to ask:

What type of board would you want to see?
What purpose would a new board serve?

NeonKaos 12-08-2009 11:41 PM

Seventh Crow is talking about that "private" part of the forum that some folks have expressed interest in adding to here.

We are trying to figure out what criteria to use when determining who gets access.

redsirenn 12-09-2009 12:27 AM


I have a couple of concerns/ questions about this board...

The seasoned poly participants provide alot of great feedback to newcomers. I am concerned about time spent in private forum vs. on public one.

I am also concerned about people feeling left out, so the divide would need to be clear and fair, not a favorites type of thing.

I for one, have been on here for a bit, and when I joined I gained valuable insight from all members, both seasoned and not. It seems like general relationship advice can be gleaned from everywhere, that is...

And some questions: what would the purpose of this forum be? What is the benefit to the members, etc?

crisare 12-09-2009 01:31 AM

I've owned message boards before and I've owned ones with "private" areas that aren't open to the general public.

My only comment is that if you do this and it gets out that there are areas not available to the general public, then you're going to have hurt feelings, anger, bitterness, and division that could damage the board in the long run. And yes, it will get out.

It's up to you what kind of community you want to create - but do you really want one that is exclusionary when you're already dealing with a group of people who are often marginalized by society?

River 12-09-2009 01:45 AM

Thanks, Crisare, for words to pause and breathe by.

Quath 12-09-2009 03:36 AM

I have been on boards with private sections. The ones that work the best tend to have well established rules for how to get there. Like "100 posts, three months and a vote by all members in the private area."

Another board idea could be a FAQ board. Basically, questions that get asked over and over could get moved there with their answers.

Ceoli 12-09-2009 06:28 AM


Originally Posted by crisare (Post 14845)
It's up to you what kind of community you want to create - but do you really want one that is exclusionary when you're already dealing with a group of people who are often marginalized by society?

Yep. I'm personally not in favor of having a private section this forum unless it was open to everyone who registers and not part of some subjective criteria about who is deemed "worthy" of accessing that section or not.

Sweetheart 12-09-2009 07:19 AM

I don't think an exclusive approach is appropriate on this site, given the inclusive nature of poly.

I've been part of many forums & groups, and one of the things that makes this site so appealing and functional is that there is nothing exclusionary or elitist about it. Adding a feature that cuts people out would divide people and kill this site.

It's a family here, man. Let's keep it that way. Together.


NeonKaos 12-09-2009 12:03 PM

Please keep in mind that the only reason we're asking about this is because a private/experienced/advanced part of the forum has been REQUESTED by some members and we are still waiting to hear from those people in this thread.

Personally, I have no use for such a section, however, I like the idea of a FAQ section and/or sending out a "Welcome PM" listing basic definitions and resources to newly registered members.

Ceoli 12-09-2009 02:58 PM

I understand that it was requested and it was already discussed in another thread. However, I would wonder how many requests there are and how that may or may not stack up against how many people who are against it.

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