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ImaginaryIllusion 11-07-2011 05:36 AM

Scan Journal: Polyamory and the Media
Scan Journal Vol 8 Number 1 October 2011
Polyamory and the Media
Nikó Antalffy


For one of the most virulent enemies of newness is the comfort of tradition. Our attitudes toward "acceptable" relationships have changed little over the years. Niko Antalffy's essay is concerned with the mainstream media's often titillating treatment of polyamory. Antalffy differentiates polyamory and cheating, and evaluates the ethical framework that conditions the two, a point that is often ignored by the media who wants to simply brand this transgressive movement as unacceptable.

Central to this issue is a negotiation of the "unacceptable": How is it defined? At what point is regulation necessary? Who is qualified to assess what is fit to present to society? Is the concept of unacceptability purely reactionary in nature? Can we easily tell the difference between proactive social policy and despotism?

Through their documentation of such suitably "unacceptable" topics, the articles contained in this issue of Scan offer compelling interventions into such concerns.

opalescent 11-07-2011 02:59 PM

Thanks for posting this article II. Most interesting.

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