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Warmupguy 11-04-2011 05:17 AM

Opening up
Hello, my name is Derek. Straight guy, I live in Oregon.

For the past year I've been opened up to the lifestyle of Polyamory by two wonderful female friend's of a few years. One we've always had a good intimate/casual relationship as we lived 1000 miles apart and saw each other rarely. But I didn't know what to call our long distance love.

The other turns out she had a crush on me, and me on her, for ages. But she had a "boyfriend" at the time.

Little did I know about how things would change for me.

For many years I've always accepted the fact that you COULD love more than one person. As Monogamy never really made alot of sense to me, but that's how I grew up and pressured into.

Lucky for me this wonderful female friend opened up to me and showed me the thoughts and feelings that I've always had but never could express. She showed me that my thoughts and feelings were poly and I've been steadily growing more into the lifestyle.

I've never had any serious dedicated relationships as I've always been shy.

My shyness has changed since my good female friend and I had... a rocky point. Things are better between us but not what it used to be. We're slowly growing our relationship back up.

But since the emotional crash I experienced, I decided to be braver, and I've turned out to be more... of a Slut (Proud of it! Thanks Ethical Slut!)

I just declared myself as Poly to all my friends (my close friends knew already) and everyone but a few immediate family members(save them from heartbreak) now know of my new status.

My avatar is of the necklace I had made for me that I started wearing openly (except at work).

I just found this website and signed up right away. Just saying Hi! And opening myself up to all the wonderful feelings this provides.

ImaginaryIllusion 11-04-2011 06:11 AM

Welcome to the Forum.

AnnabelMore 11-05-2011 01:12 PM

The necklace is lovely!

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