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Erosa 12-03-2009 11:48 PM

Unicorn to Court
Hello everyone...

I've been a bit timid to put this post up... But I think that it's time.

I'm a 21 year old single, bisexual woman. I'm 5'7'', of medium/slim but curvy frame with dark hair and eyes and very, very fair skin.

My personality is somewhat quirky as I'm hyper creative. I write, sing, read, and love all things that have to do with the creation of other worlds through art.

I am seeking a polyamorous couple, triad, or other arrangment that I can join. Location is not important to me as I am willing to move for a good arrangment. However I would like everyone to understand that I want to get you know you WELL befor I would consider doing that.

I would prefer people who are in good physical health as far as apearence. Age is open as long as everyone is over 18. The one thing I truly have no tolerance for anyone with a history of sexual misconduct.

Other than that, I'm open to getting to know anyone. People interested and active in arts/music/writing are a plus.

Cannot wait to meet and get to know you.

cloves 12-04-2009 02:41 PM

Hey Erosa,

I'm not sure where to even begin exactly...

i'm older than you, not in your area of the world, and not looking for even the same type of connection! hahaha :p

that being said, I DO consider myself a very creative person! I play drums and some guitar and bass, love to paint miniatures and enjoy messing about with photography and photoshop.

anyway....since i am so utterly new to this.....i was wondering if perhaps we might chat occasionally? This may sound a bit self serving, but I find reading about other peoples experiences help me to interpret my own journey.

so if being creative is enough.....:rolleyes:


LovingRadiance 12-05-2009 03:10 AM

Good luck my friend!
Cloves-she's a good chatter!

Erosa-I like the addition of no sexual misconduct.

Do take time getting to know people, it helps.

I think I told you-I've been friends with GreenGecko for almost 17 years now. It's very helpful if you can really know someone as a reliable and dear trusted friend before moving on to being a "family". Lovers-well that can be ok-but when you are talking about moving and creating a family (even if said family is all adults) it really is best if everyone has a full understanding of not only themselves, but each other and the way they relate to one another on a personal level..

I do so wish you the best of luck in your search!

Sometime soon I hope to no longer be so isolated in this frozen arctic and then maybe I can actually meet some of you sweet people who have befriended me online and just enjoy knowing other like-minded friendly people!!!

HappiestManAlive 07-07-2010 10:47 PM

How did this thread not end up being 100 pages long within minutes? LOL I guess everyone went to PM. Erosa - just curious - did anything come of this?

"On topic" - sounds like you'd fit right in to our grouping, though many would say we're pretty full at the moment, LOL. But we thought it would end with a triad, and the 4th just popped in and worked out and nobody could deny it and it's been fabulous - so who knows?! :p

AutumnalTone 07-08-2010 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive (Post 35048)
How did this thread not end up being 100 pages long within minutes? LOL I guess everyone went to PM. Erosa - just curious - did anything come of this?

Could be any of a number of reasons:

Folks too old;
Folks too fat;
Folks not looking for a triad;
Folks not wanting to deal with distance;
<insert reason here>.

For example, Curly and I are much older and fat. We also don't arrive as a matched set for partners. Sure, we've occasionally thought it could be cool if we met a lady who knocked the socks off both of us; it's never been something that we've had much interest in pursuing.

So, while the distance isn't much of a problem, a unicorn would have to be pretty spectacular and chase us down for anything to happen.

HappiestManAlive 07-09-2010 12:27 AM

Good point all; however the sheer number of "couple seeking unicorn" type threads and posts and the fact that so many people new to poly think that girls like her are EXACTLY what they "need" would lead me to believe that she'd be inundated with responses, lol.

celticpath 04-29-2011 11:36 PM

Hi Erosa! I know that it's been a couple of years since anyone has posted anything in this thread, but I'm hoping that you're still looking for someone.
I'm a 40 year old bisexual married female, 5'5'1/2, slim, medium-long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair-skinned.
My husband is 37 years old, straight, 6'3", average, short medium brown hair, blue eyes and lightly tanned.
We have a 10 year old daughter who lives with us, and she is as open-minded about things as we are (well, as open-minded as a 10 year old girl can be anyway. lol)
We are looking for a bisexual female who is at least 21 years old for a triad relationship.
We are both laid back and easy to get along with. And we live in Central Mississippi. If you'd like to know more about us, just PM me. :) I hope to hear from you soon! :)

Oh! And I forgot to mention that I'm a singer/songwriter, graphic designer, amateur photographer, digital and traditional artist, and jewelry designer.

NOLACouple 05-03-2011 03:34 AM

Hello Erosa. Me and my fiance are very new to this scene and are slowly learning to enjoy things together more openly. We're exploring other options in all aspects of our relationship and hopefully we grow from it.

As you can see we live in the New Orleans area and truly enjoy the culture and lifestyle down here. Everything you touch or see in New Orleans has so much history behind it and the style is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

I'm 26 and my fiance Matthew is 27 and we have 2 children, boys, 6 and 5. We love animals! We have two Huskies named Nola and Kain and they are both amazing!

We have pictures available and are always available to chat. Shoot us a message if you wanna talk sometime.

Oh... and definitely no sexual misconduct lol.

Erosa 05-03-2011 03:42 AM

LOL hi everyone! It's been forever Since i posted on this site.

I just wanted to pop in here and let you all know that i am currently in a relationship.

So.... If a mod could lock this, that would be great. :) *hugs*

ImaginaryIllusion 05-03-2011 04:32 AM

Locked by OP request.

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