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hyperskeptic 11-01-2011 01:47 AM

Poly-ish Guy in Atlanta-ish, seeking connection
My wife and I decided to open our marriage about six months ago, and we've settled into the idea of it very readily. We're both thoughtful people, and we've become quite good at talking things through.

We don't have presuppositions about how this is all going to go, but we're starting out as two individuals, bound together by our commitment to each other and to our children, each seeking on our own to connect with other people.

So here I am, a straight married guy in the Atlanta area. I'm nerdy, intellectual, ethical to a fault (?!?), more than a little introverted, musical, quirky, witty, sometimes goofy, sometimes curmudgeonly, generally thoughtful of others, occasionally obtuse (and usually sorry for it), and sometimes contradictory (even when I'm not).

What I'm looking for is connection, and friendship, and whatever else might (or might not) follow from that, especially with intelligent, thoughtful, and patient women.

I say "poly-ish" in part because, even though I don't subscribe to compulsory monogamy, neither do I want to take on any particular label or any particular set of expectations. I also say it, in part, because being open in our marriage has, for my part at least, been more theoretical than actual, up to this point.

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