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ImaginaryIllusion 10-26-2011 10:03 PM

Breast Cancer and Polyamory
Breast Cancer and Polyamory: A Story of Non-monogamy, Love and Commitment While Going Through Chemo
by Rachel Rabbit White
Published: October 25, 2011



Allena Gabosch is the founder of Seattle’s Center for Sex Positivity, a polyamorous, sex-scene goddess and a reminder that even goddesses are not immune to the specter of breast cancer.
As tough a challenge as it is to break the news of cancer to your significant other, it’s unimaginably difficult to think of breaking this news to five partners. But, while there are more people who will be shaken by the knowledge their loved one has cancer, there are also more people available to support and assist you through treatment. Allena couldn’t imagine cancer without being poly and shares her unique experience and what she learned about non-monogamy, love and commitment while going through chemo.

opalescent 10-27-2011 01:58 AM


neegoola 10-27-2011 03:24 PM

i really appreciate the Presence of the whole family and their different ways in supporting this woman through her adventure, like wearing tiaras, completing medical cares, etc.; their Being Present has given her surely the oppurtunity to heal better and quicker than many other people left "alone" and solves very likely the root of the sympton.

from doctor dahlke and dethlefsen' literature we read that cancer has a strict relation with attachments.

What did cancer teach you about your partners?

I learned a lot about love and commitment and how committed these people truly are to me.

my partners were so committed to me, 100 percent.
normally, breast has a link with sons and daughters, but it may be a direct link to female attributes.

Senga 10-29-2011 03:10 PM

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

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