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bulrush 10-26-2011 07:50 PM

Grand Rapids, Michigan couple seeks one or two
We are an open-minded, happy, positive, fun-loving couple. We like to snuggle, watch movies, have a drink, hike, and make love together. Communication is important to us. We talk about everything. If something bothers you, let's talk about it. Don't be shy. :) (We don't talk about sex in public, at least I try not to. If we meet at a restaurant I prefer to talk about sex in the car. I just don't want to embarrass someone else.)

We are not jealous, accept everyone's differences, and would love to meet you.

We would like to find one or two people to add to our relationship. We will consider FWB, but we hope there is more of a connection there. We like to joke, laugh and make love. We are not shy, but we do hold back with new people as we don't want to scare them off.

He: age 41, fit, athletic, 175 lbs, 5'10", dirty blond hair.

She: age 46, fit, 5'8", friendly and open-minded.

If you are new to this poly situation we can go at your own pace. Me (the guy) lives in Grand Rapids. She lives 2 hours away. So you will be meeting with me primarily. The intention is you will meet her sometime too.

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