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phedreinphoenix 10-22-2011 08:26 AM

Tempe, AZ M/F Couple Looking for F for Poly Relationship
I am 23 years old and in a serious, commited relationship to my boyfriend Dave (35 years old). We have been together for over half a year now. and has been living together for over 3 months. We are currently looking into creating a serious poly relationship with another female.

I believe in love at first sight. I generally tend to move pretty fast in relationships. I believe in being in a commited relationship and always trying to work things out. I think divorce is the easy way out for people...unless the person is in an abusive relationship. I try to be as open as possible. I hate it when people tell me nothing is wrong when there is clearly something going on with them.

Dave and I are spiritual and are looking for someone else who is also spiritual. We have a dog so you must love dogs (well animals in general) and get along with her (she is a bit shy and timid at first).

We are both in the sex industry so if that offends you or you know you won't be able to deal with it please do not contact us.


Magdlyn 10-22-2011 11:51 AM

What a cute picture!

phedreinphoenix 10-22-2011 06:41 PM


Originally Posted by Magdlyn (Post 107571)
What a cute picture!

Thank you. It was taken at the AZ Renn Faire this year. I'm a huge Renn Faire nerd.

musicinthecity 12-16-2011 10:09 PM

I'm not a female, but I'd be interested in hanging out and potentially finding other like minded friends if you'd be! I'm 24, bi, a working professional and live right next to Downtown Tempe.


Let me know! :)

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