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aPolyTgCouple 10-22-2011 08:25 AM

Together alone and sometimes happy

Poly/type:I have been poly-fidelity all my life and asked my partner to join me. We have been poly together for about 11 to 12 years with no success, but we have each other.
Hobbies: Sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, nature, netflix, kinky, books.
Goals: to live, love, laugh with little regret.

Poly/type: For 11 to 12 years, poly-fidelity.
Hobbies: going to the gym,nature, sci-fi, comedies, cycling, films, kinky, reading
Goals: to love and be loved, to travel more, to be happy and successful on all levels.

Our type: male, we identify as queer, we prefer a male partner.

Hard times in poly town: We find that most men are swingers and most poly folks prefer to add a female partner that is unattached. The few males we have met have not been physically/emotionally available or physically/emotionally our type.

While we have each other and very thankful for that none poly people seem to not understand what it feels like to not have that third or fourth person in your life. We are always told "Why do you need anyone else, you have each other?"

Good times in poly town: We have fallen in love and felt Compersion many times.

Much love,

Lexa and Vee

sunnyskies 10-23-2011 12:06 AM

Hi Vee, Hi Lexa - nice to meet your acquaintances!


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