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FireChild 10-20-2011 09:18 PM

Saying Hi Again!
I'm married (not sure how much longer that's going to last) and...I've realized that a group dynamic fits me better. Sometimes I need different things or I'm able to provide different things at different points and...I'm just not happy in a one on one dynamic. Obviously I'm going to remain faithful to my husband and try to work things out but this has always been a fun group and I've missed it. So I'm back.

AnnabelMore 10-20-2011 10:51 PM

Hey there!

You say that your marriage might not last much longer but that obviously you're going to stay faithful to your husband... so, are you guys thinking of dissolving the marriage but remaining partnered?

May I ask if there was anything in particular that happened to help you realize you wanted a group dynamic? And what does a group dynamic mean for you, do you think... like, a poly commune type arrangement?

You don't need to go into it all if you weren't looking to be interrogated in your introduction, I'm just curious. :)

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