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Norithespider 10-20-2011 05:28 AM

Hi, new to the forum. I am 26, live in the PNW. I am in an amazing triad with my primary, who I live with, and our girlfriend, who spends 3 nights a week with us. I have been with my primary for about 9 months, I actually entered the relationship as a "unicorn" (a single woman looking to be part of a MF couple), and somehow found myself his primary partner, which is lovely, but in no way what I intended. His original partner realized that poly was not for her, and while I would have preferred for her not to go off the deep end in the way she did, I guess we can just call it a learning experience for all and I very happy with our new relationship. Indeed, I joined this site right before we started seeing her, and ended up in "new relationship land" for a few months.

When I am not busy with my partners, and partners partners, I sell health food, volunteer with a nonprofit helping people with mental illness, work as an art model, make jewelry, breed fluffy rat buddies, and every so often I actually relax.

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