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LovingRadiance 12-01-2009 04:37 AM

Well-talk about a pretty highly traumatic, busy and somewhat insane tilt-a-whirl couple of weeks. I know that at least a few of you were starting to wonder if we were going to be ok! (I was!)

So I wanted to give you all a small update (and big thank you).
We ironed out a boundry list last night. The whole talk went REALLY well. It's not a "final product" I'm sure. I know that there are things we haven't figured out-but we agreed to give ourselves time to figure out what we think we want to do with them and that's a good step in and of itself. We did get the basics figured out and I think we're all MUCH calmer today because of it.

As I've already said-I'm not "in the market" for anyone new-as I feel that the new dynamic of our family needs time to "solidify" and become "normalized" before adding anything new. Both the guys stated that they felt the same way. They are both open to the possibility of someone new (which I'm not) but neither is looking for the same reason as I'm not open to anyone.

I look forward to a calmer week and more time to work on NORMAL holiday stuff! ;)

AutumnalTone 12-01-2009 05:01 AM


LovingRadiance 12-01-2009 06:05 AM

Thanks Seventh! :)

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