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candente 09-05-2011 09:37 PM

Seeking mature couple (M/F) in NC/SC in poly or open-marriage relationship
I am a straight male, in NC; retired from my profession. I am considered good looking, have nice teeth, tall, slender, intelligent, conversant, empathetic, courteous, sensuous, imaginative, highly erotic and have an extremely high libido.

I have been in a vanilla relationship, that sometimes involved swinging and a third in several long-term poly relationships (MFM). I do not want the involvement that comes with single women. I want to be part of a poly relationship, where the female is sexually intimate and I am an extra "husband" and/or lover, or, an exclusive partner of a female, involved in an open marriage. I do not wish to disrupt the marriage; only to be an enhancement. I expect to be involved than than just being a "fuck buddy".

The relationship would be long-term to indefinite. There should be absolutely no jealousy from the male and he would be considered a friend. I will travel to meet them and, if travel is involved, I would appreciate them hosting my stay.

If you are interested, please contact me and we can discuss more details about what you desire and what I am searching to find.

polandrylady 10-20-2011 01:50 AM

I like the avatar photo! :) It's sweet to read what you seek when a monkey is about to point a gun at itself or another? I can get really creative with what I come up with for "the message" when you combine the two.

candente 10-20-2011 11:11 AM

If you believe in Darwinism and the theory of evolution, the chimp is primal origin of "Dirty Harry" (Clint Eastwood).

Times2 11-10-2011 03:06 AM

LOL, funny Candente. I would like to get to know you better. My husband and I are looking for just such an extra person in our marriage. PM me sometime.:)

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