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Avenidas 09-03-2011 11:16 AM

Hi. I am new to everything under the sun on a daily basis. This summer's sun has seen me expand my dating repertoire to dabbling with polyamory. I had no clue that I was poly until this summer. This despite having had multiple simultaneous lovers, sometimes in different cities, sometimes in the same city. But I met someone who rocked me. I thought we would just be friends, because he was poly and I was not, but then I found out what poly meant, and discovered that I had been all along.

I identify strongly as queer, since 2005, when someone first asked me during a political campaign. Before that my sexual orientation had nothing to do with my identity, though if someone were to have asked me "What's your sexual preference?" I would have said "I don't have one." I am attracted to cisgendered women and men, and though I've mostly been with men, I have been in love with a woman or 2. I am attracted to transgendered women and men. I am attracted to everyone in between.

My current partner is a cis-man who is in serious relationships with 2 other people, one of which is long-term. I am not currently with anyone else, though I am dating. We bump around the intersection of poly, queer, radical, activist, kink, burner, et al scenes here, in this city (lots of urban gardens and tattoos:)). Literally sometimes, because its hella rocky terrain and hard to see around corners. Collision abound.

ImaginaryIllusion 09-03-2011 03:25 PM

Welcome to the Forum.

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