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naana 08-29-2011 11:20 PM

Poly and LDR in our way
Here comes the long, long intro :o

First, we have our V (FFF) with two dyads, kind of. i love my partner's partner in completely platonic way, i tried to explain it to my partner and came up with "you know, kinda like a step sister that's been there for a while already, a person you love like a sister but who isn't exactly one."

Yes, that is the most accurate definition i've came up with. :p

They've been dating for a while already (5 years :D ) and i've been around for a year now. Before that we all were online friends for a year.

i live in another country, so when i go over (i've been there 4 times this far) i've mostly had the privilege to steal my SO. Jealousy hasn't been the issue for me, and both of them have assured me they'll definitely tell if something is wrong.

Right now i'm squeeing over those two watching lame game videos and singing on skype. It makes me so very happy to hear them being happy, they've been stressed lately. <3 i love my family. :3

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