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SamG 08-21-2011 11:29 PM

Hi, I'm Sam.
15 minutes ago i didn't even know the word,
i heard it in a TV show, googled it, was interested in how they'd work/benefits of such relationships.
Googled that to find
I've found i think this sounds like an amazing way to live, i've 0 experience or knowledge but i'd like people to open my eyes,
Tell me more,

After reading that link it occurred to me that a lot of the sad, solitary lifestyle i often lead myself as a teenager could be changed by 'polyamory' and that when i'm older if i continue to feel alone, set back, alienated etc that this is something for sure i should try, but for now i'm just curious
Thanks for reading,
and hello to all your great people :D

ImaginaryIllusion 08-21-2011 11:45 PM

Welcome to the Forum...and a whole wide world of possibilities. Take some time to read the wealth of info around here, and keep an open mind while you figure out what fit's for you...for now.

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